"We enjoyed  everything about our stay at Moore House Bed and Breakfast. We liked how the bedroom and bathroom were closed off for more privacy. The bathroom was gorgeous."


Room and Bath

Tyler and Jenny Price                              Overland Park, Kan.

For over 20 years, Moore House Bed and Breakfast has been synonymous with Middle Eastern fine dining. Merza Ghafarhi executive chef/owner takes the cuisine and culture of his homeland to the next level with a breathtaking restaurant and delicious cuisine.

The Chef's mastery of traditional spices and flavors makes each dish an opportunity to experience classics and delicacies in new and exciting ways. Every plate becomes a culinary journey. Moore House Bed and Breakfast also features a subterranean cocktail lounge that caters to sophisticated tastes and sensibilities. Enjoy middle eastern-inspired drinks.

Your private bathroom features a walk-in shower with a bench, courtesy pump soap and shampoo, a chair height toilet, Italian marble floor, quartz countertop with a designer glass vessel sink.

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Moore House Bed and Breakfast
500 Denison Avenue Manhattan, KS 66502 US
Phone: 785-776-5603

Your room at Moore House Bed and Breakfast has a full-size, tall posted bed. A family heirloom hangs on the wall above the closet -- an 1842 Springfield flintlock used by a member of the Lindemuth clan of Pennsylvania during the American Civil War. The house and patio have wireless internet.

Your host is innkeeper Tim Lindemuth

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Hanging on the bathroom wall, above the spa towels, is an original London Chronicle newspaper from April 1777 with an article about Gen. George Washington releasing the German Hessians in the western counties of Pennsylvania. Having never searched their packs before being set free, the Hessians called Washington "a very good rebel" for his fair treatment.

Twenty-four works of original art can be found throughout Moore House, including oil, chalk, watercolor and engraving. The innkeeper's display of original English-language newspapers spans five centuries, beginning with The London Gazette published on Dec. 10, 1669.

500 Denison Avenue Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Phone and FAX: 785-776-5603